Monday, April 20, 2009

Belonging to TEAM/HUCK is a good way to keep up with what is happening with the conservative movement. We attended the recent Tea Party on April 15th in Abilene, Texas and it felt so good to be surrounded by people who believe in God, Country and conservative values. We have all heard so much discouraging news on the airways, that it is easy to feel depressed. Being a member of TEAM/HUCK allows you to see what is really happening and to know what others think. As we go forward and hold other gatherings, we need to be mindful of inviting our friends and neighbors. The larger the groups that turn out the better. Somehow we have to let our voice be known! The people that are actually working behind the scenes need our help. They need leaders in every county in Texas as well as other states. Those that want to volunteer and become a leader will need to go and create a group for their county or area (if one has not been created) on Team Huck Texas. The more bloggers the better. Please join the Texas Blogger's Group and hear what other people are saying. We need to vote and get as many conservative officials elected as possible. Participate! Don't wait around thinking that your voice or vote won't make a difference. It will!

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